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Welcome to the totally free dating site tool! This is the greatest place to locate just the best totally free dating sites. We share top free online dating websites based on where you live. Each city in USA, CANADA, UK, or Australia is different with respect to where you can find the most local singles. Some free dating communities that are hot in the U.S. are not very well known in the UK. Other free dating sites maybe super popular in Canada but not be very widely used down in Australia.


We pinpoint the top free dating communities by locale and suggest unique and fun new ways to meet locals based on shared interests and passions.

All we talk about is REAL Free Dating sites!
All we talk about is REAL Free Dating sites!

Specifically we search all corners of the web looking for the best free niche dating portals, services, and sites where you can meet singles free of cost.

So put away your wallet; you won’t ever have to pay to use the dating sites we suggest.

These days dating sites often employ tactics of misleading consumers about whether or not a dating site is free. They say it’s totally free but really that is lie. It’s nothing more than a modern free dating scam where you actually have to pay to use that dating site; no different than any other premium dating site.

The days of paid online dating are fading...
The days of paid online dating are fading…


These days free dating sites are trouncing paid dating sites. If you think about it, free dating is a superior business model. After all dating sites can place ads and more than cover the costs to manage and host a dating site. This is why more than ever people are using free dating sites over the ones that charge membership fees. All the sites we link to or refer to are truly free!

Welcome to our new blog just about totally free online dating.